The story starts from a question

“Why cannot we choose a better way to study faster and more efficient than traditional learning way?”

“Can we let kid studying more at home rather than taking them to school all the time?”

“How to support a teacher, while be at home, can teach many more students around the world?”

“What if we connect teachers and learners around the world to share and exchange together various knowledge and experience?”

Yes, it eventually, is not only one question but more than one as you see there! They are those questions that gave motivation to a small group of friends with highly ambitious and optimistic to set up a company with its very tiny office and temporally rented somewhere in Ho Chi Minh city.

Today, that tiny office of the company become the ETOK TUTOR – the platform for live course where connecting among tutors and learners around the world. ETOK put ourselves mission on solving the existing challenges in education: less cost but more efficient than traditional education; more convenient by less bringing learner to and back from school to save more time for learner’s relax; teacher stay at home but can teach and exchange various knowledge, culture around the world to more many learners – That is also the pioneer mission of ETOK

In fact, there are many parents making at their best effort to invest in education for their kids, even though there are challenges in financial constrain, they still prioritize in their kid education.

Covid pandemic is making negatively changes and causing difficulties to resume traditional schooling. Selection of live course to study more efficiently with less cost is one of the wishes of many parents currently. With enthusiastic and optimistic spirits from ETOK team, we are entirely determined to give out the best knowledge together with passion from tutors to all our students.

ETOK always enhance our competency


Bring best opportunities to all qualified tutors who are determined tutorial services is their passion jobs to work at home but can earn a good living.


Bring solution for those who wants to teach or to learn valuable knowledge at any time from everywhere in the world..


Non-stop of improving quality of services to give the great experience to each on every session.